General Endowment Fund Donors

General Endowment Fund

Supports a variety of purposes including the operational and programmatic needs of the School.
Philippa Anderson & Joe Anderson, II
Jonathan Fine ’11
Gayle Fogelson ’52
Mary Foote, Ph.D. & Phil Foote
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Greenhill School
Emitom Hillsman ’12
Lori & Randall Isenberg
Debbie & David Johnson ’67
Jerry Marcus ’79
Molly Williams Pugh ’94 & Bill Pugh
Charles Smith II ’02
Gita Srivastava ’03
Tina Srivastava ’05
Amer Suleman & Mahvash Amer
Ben White ’04
The Yellen Family
“I give to Greenhill because it was such an important part of my educational journey. I saw the importance of the Greenhill Fund as a student, so I like to contribute to it as an alumnus as well."
Emitom Hillsman '12

Phillip G. Foote Endowment Fund

Established in 2003 to honor Phil Foote, Greenhill’s second Headmaster (1976-1992) and former Head of Lower and Middle School (1969-1976). In 2009, Greenhill alumni completed a special campaign in support of this fund to name the Phillip G. Foote Lower School.
Ann Perryman
John Perryman, Ph.D. ’86

Financial Aid Fund Donors

Scott Buchanan Memorial Scholarship Fund

Established in 1982 in memory of Scott Buchanan ’90, son of former faculty member Dr. H. Ray Buchanan and his wife, Carole. A monetary stipend from this fund accompanies the Estelle Dickens Service to Greenhill Award given annually to a graduating senior.
Mary Ann Hoskins

Jacob Earle Financial Aid Fund

Established in 1995 in memory of Jacob Earle by his classmates and parents, Sandra Earle and Randy Earle.
Sally & Tom Perryman ’81

Ronnie Freeman Financial Aid Fund

Established in 1954 in memory of Middle School student Ronnie Freeman by her parents, Norman and Ernestine Halff Freeman.
Lydia & Nick Paraskevas

Fulton Family Financial Aid Fund

Established in 1976 upon the retirement of founding Headmaster Bernard Fulton (1950-1976).
Nancy & Will Fulton ’68
Georgie Fulton Green ’53 & John Green ’55

Legends Financial Aid Fund

Established in 2006, the Greenhill Board of Trustees makes a $1,000 gift in honor of employees who become Greenhill Legends – those who have served the School for 25 years.
Philippa Anderson & Joe Anderson, II
Candy & Ike Brown
Marilyn & Emil Bruscher
Lucinda & Lyne Carter
David Clegg
Deanna & Gerald Disch
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Margaret & Clarence Gilmore, Jr.
Greenhill School
Karen & James Guest
Amy Henika ’96 & Kevin Ball
Elena Hines & Wayne Hines, Ph.D.
Jeanette & William Hunter
Judy Jasper
David Kasten
Kathleen & Gary Kasten
LaVonne & Keith Kasten
Susan Kasten
Carla & Jonathan Leffert, M.D.
Denise & Leo Matulewski
Alice McElroy
Lisa & Robert Meegan
Joseph Middleman ’14
Judy Miller
Alissa & Joel Muscatello
Pauline Newton
Marsha Niemand
Ann Perryman
Sally & Tom Perryman ’81
Linda & Kenneth Porter
Lisa & Steven Rudner
Gene Shaffer
Lorina & Orville Taylor
Donnal & L. Troxel
Patricia Underhill
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

Jennifer Goodnight Maalouf Financial Aid Fund

Established in 1999 in memory of Jennifer Goodnight Maalouf ’86 by Margaret & Jim Goodnight, Susan Goodnight Griffiths ’83 and Evan Griffiths, friends and classmates.
Dallas Jewish Community Foundation
Kirk Dunk ’87
Margaret & Jim Goodnight
Keith Goodnight
Susan Goodnight Griffiths ’83 & Evan Griffiths
Ann Perryman
John Perryman, Ph.D. ’86
Daniel Sikora
Waverly Ware Wilson ’86 & McCord Wilson

Faculty Enrichment Fund Donors

Bauman Family Faculty Enrichment Endowment

Established in 2008 by Lou & Jon Bauman to support faculty enrichment through Greenhill’s Trustee Fellowship Grant Program.
Lou & Jon Bauman
Irma Grossman
Ann Perryman

Scott A. Griggs Faculty Endowment

Established in 2018 to salute and commemorate the 18-year tenure of fourth Head of School Scott A. Griggs. This fund supports faculty salaries, benefits, and general enrichment.
Proceeds from the 2018 Greenhill Gala
Andrea & Jaye Andrews
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Lori & Randall Isenberg
Sally & Tom Perryman ’81

Parents' Association Faculty Endowment

Supports faculty salaries, benefits, and enrichment.
Monica & Ron Bullock
Rusty & John Jaggers
Lisa & Peter Kraus

Elaine Velvin Faculty Tuition Assistance Fund

Established in 2008 by members of the Alumni Board, friends, and family, to honor the 26-year career of Elaine Velvin, Greenhill administrator and teacher.
Kirk Dunk ’87
Ryan Fuchs ’98 & Saretta Fuchs

Curriculum & Programs Fund Donors

Corbin Doyle Honorary Fund

Established in 2012 by the Greystone Foundation, family, and friends, in honor of Greenhill faculty member Corbin Doyle. The fund was established to provide ongoing support for video production.
Debbie & Marc Andres
Tonya & Barry Brown
Ryan Kline ’11
I received opportunities at Greenhill that have directly impacted my life and career trajectory. I had the chance to play varsity sports, make films, and learn Chinese as early as 7th grade. I give because I want to ensure every student continues to have the opportunities I did. You never know when a student trying something on a whim may find a lifelong passion. I certainly did.
Ryan Kline '11

Ann & Ray Perryman Archive Fund

Established in 2000 in honor of Ann & Ray Perryman, parents of Tom ’81, David ’83, and John ’86, to support the research, acquisition, cataloguing, and preservation of documents and items that celebrate Greenhill’s history.
Brady Goldberg ’11
Ann Perryman
John Perryman, Ph.D. ’86
Sally & Tom Perryman ’81

Muriel Seldin General Endowment for Cultural Arts

Established in 1993 in memory of Muriel Seldin, the School’s first French teacher and art history teacher from 1954-1982.
Sally & Tom Perryman ’81

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