Last year was a great year for the Alumni Association! Across the country, our alumni had the opportunity to meet new Head of School Lee Hark for two on-the-road reunions in New York City and Los Angeles. In Dallas, local events included Homecoming, Alumni Weekend, and the second annual Hornet Hustle family walk/run. We even launched affinity programming for allied health professionals - with more group events in the works. We made great strides in fostering current student/alumni contact. Events such as the Senior breakfast and our Senior luncheon nurtured student and alumni relationships, and many classes even spoke to alumni via video conferencing!

Alumni Board Members

Michael Barnett '90
Jarrod Beck '96
Lauren (Hradecky) Blitzer '01
Matthew Bodzy '04
Molly Bruder '07
Megan (Baumoel) Considine '97
Jonathan Fine '11
Brad Friedman '96
Ryan Fuchs '98
Michelle (Wettreich) Garza '95
Lauren (Pritchard) Goodman '04
Alex Gutor '03
Katherine Hearty '98
Shawn Hiner-Leamon '05
Ryan Kline '11
Joanna (Fulton) Lewis '02
Larry Ley '68
Clayton Lougée '03
Shanti Majefski '95
Shannon (Harris) McSpadden '94
Alex Merson '96
Matthew Miller '96
Israel Nosnik '99
Bhavesh Pranav '09
Brent Rubin '06
Jared Sandler '07
Zach Shor '06
Cynthia (Cooper) Spigel '97
Laura (Ley) Staub '01
TianEn Joi (Windham) Stephenson '07
Jay Szor '04
Michael Waldman '98
Paige Weaver '04
David Webster '02
Julie (Kern) Wilkofsky '97
Shan Zaidi '05
Danielle (Friedman) Zietz '02
Sophie (Levy) Zuckerman '07

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