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COVID-19 family relief fund established for Greenhill families
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world. Today, on a daily basis, the challenges of living through this pandemic are all-consuming; affecting global health, well-being, civil networks, education systems, economic institutions, and so much more.
When the United States experienced the onset of this struggle in March of 2020, Greenhill found that many of our families were dealing with health and economic crises of their own. Economic uncertainty, school closing, companies closing, job losses were felt throughout the country and Greenhill was no exception. However, when in need, the Greenhill community rallies! The outpouring of community support was tremendous. One of the silver linings of this health crisis has been the inspiring show of support of Greenhill families wanting to help other families.
The COVID-19 Family Relief Fund was established in April 2020 to help those in our community with financial hardship encountered during this crisis. The fund was set up as a bridge to cover basic costs for those who demonstrated need, due to the pandemic. As soon as the fund was established, we received an outpouring of support and donations. The Financial Aid Committee met on a weekly basis to provide funding without delay. Once relief was met, the committee also advocated for families to utilize the vast network of DFW community resources.
Director of Financial Aid Amy DeBorst was at the helm of these conversations. “It has been inspiring to see how this initiative truly illustrated our mission and our belief in community. It was affirming to see that we are living what Greenhill teaches, and it was humbling to be able to provide that bridge.”
“And it’s working,” she continues. “During this fall season of reporting, we are already seeing a decline of need. The relief did its job and many families no longer need the support.”
We are proud to report gifts from 215 households totaling $77,650.00. We are incredibly grateful to our community members who supported this fund.

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